As a Venezuelan, Adriana is quite fond of Carolina Herrera’s designs. Like many in her country, she watched with pride as the designer’s career blossomed and she proved she belonged among the world’s fashion elite. The way Herrera’s nature-inspired designs take on an abstract, almost futuristic, form is especially pleasing to Adriana’s eye. She loves their timeless, sometimes whimsical, elegance.

The car of her dreams defines “luxury” a bit differently than most. She aspires to own an exceedingly rare 1964 Volkswagen Type III, in turquoise. The vehicle’s rich color and classic lines radiate style.

For Adriana, luxury marketing is all about timelessness and the ability to tell a story in one image. She points out that a vintage Chanel ad will still stop you in your tracks today, transfixed by its beauty. Tasker Agency, like the successful brand marketers of old, knows how to capture drama and tell a story in one fleeting frame – and that is no small task.

While she has an appreciation for many fine fragrances and cosmetics, you’ll never find Adriana wearing even Chapstick. For some girls, natural is just the way to go!