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Tasker Agency is a multi-faceted branding, marketing, public relations, and experiential event production firm focusing on client brand awareness. Working in concert with our sister company, PuTTin’ OuT, a highly successful digital creative agency and social media marketing firm started in the MySpace era, we utilize the whole spectrum of traditional and digital marketing activities to build or revitalize some of the most notable brands worldwide.

We serve a wide range of clients by producing engaging strategies and alignments in the luxury market industry. Are our growth strategies, skill, experience, and connections the right fit for your needs? Keep scrolling and let’s see…

Our Client Categories

To help clients capture market share we serve the following luxury market categories:

Lighting Companies
Furniture Brands
Fashion Labels
Gift Products
Building Materials
Home Decor
Hospitality + Restaurants
Architecture + Design
Actors + Artists
Healthcare Brands + Professionals
Licensed Artist + Designers
Musicians + DJs

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Our Services

Whether you or your company needs a complete brand development or refresh, full production of an experiential marketing event, digital media marketing, or an introduction to a key industry player, we inject your business with new life by using our proprietary marketing tools and software combined with traditional yet creative methods to produce outstanding results. Here are a few of the services our clients find valuable:

Brand Development

As you prepare to launch a full-fledged brand, or introduce a licensing campaign, a polished, stylish branding guide is an absolute necessity. Our “Brand Bibles” ensure consistency for results-driven brand identity.

Graphic Design

Our team of experienced graphic design professionals can create fresh, innovative ads, postcards, and promotional materials that raise your brand above the noise and ensure that you are heard.

Print Media

Need a fresh look for your tired, traditional printed media? Want your print media to captivate? Coordinate with your social media or digital campaign with your printed materials sending the same message? Our creative team has over 75 years of experience combined in the world of print advertising and sourcing, and in maintaining brand consistency across multiplechannels.

Social Media Marketing

We speak social so that your team doesn’t have to. We’ve been doing this since the MySpace era! We take what you’re already doing and create a social media strategy around it. Then, we make it all happen for you with little or no work on the part of you or your staff. We’ll even manage your social media channels so that you don’t have to!

Digital Advertising Campaigns

As a first on Facebook and a Google Advertising partner, we’ll ensure your digital advertising dollars don’t go to waste and we’ll provide the best deliverables with proven analytical results. The best part is we’ll even let you know if your brand isn’t ready for digital marketing before you throw your dollars away.

Company Story

Need a company story created or revised to meet today’s market demand? We come in with fresh eyes and often discover an engaging story that may be hard for your team to see because they’re so close to it. From social awareness to the psychology of brand recognition, we understand what makes the world buy.

Public Relations

If you’ve got a great brand or product but no one hears about it, your business is going nowhere and your products remain in the warehouse costing you money. Our stellar luxury market public relations team is already snuggled up with the best publications and editors in the world and can help you generate tremendous, business-boosting buzz!

Channel Maintenance + Updates

Thanks to our proprietary software called PuTTin’ OuT, you can relax and enjoy the show knowing your social media channels always have content and are managed with professional, timely responses. From reviewing your social media account set up to updating new cover photos, we take care of everything.

Analytical Market Research

In order form effective marketing strategies, you have to know what your target audience is interested in and how they’re reacting to your website, products, and materials you produce. We can break all of that down for you – and numbers and heat maps always tell the ugly (or beautiful!) truth.

Community Acceleration + Growth

Every brand needs a BIG push to get started. Our PuTTin’ OuT software allows us to target key social media users who can help increase organic engagement. They look for your posts and like, follow, and truly engage with them to elevate your brand in newsfeeds.

Comprehensive PR + Social Reporting

How are your PR and social media efforts moving the needle with your audience? What’s driving traffic to your website or maybe even your competition? We can give you actionable insights.

Influencer + Brand Reputation

From all-inclusive content campaigns and strategies to influencer casting and placement, we find the brand partners to broadcast and strengthen your message to provide product and reputation support.

Experiential Event Strategy

Have your cake and eat it too! Our event marketing strategies are customized to engage everyone from the younger crowd to millennials to seniors. From Facebook live events to brick and mortar parties, we’ll have you covered! Cake and custom cocktail tastings are always comp’d.

Sweepstakes + Contests

Let’s take your products, charity, or brand labels viral by creating contests that produce leads for your sales team and organic social media engagement all while telling your brand story. We’ll have your brand on top of the Ferris wheel vs. cycling to the bottom.

Affiliate Marketing Solutions

So you have a product or service and know you have influencers that would naturally market for you if they could only be rewarded? Like Uber, we’ll have your business virally promoted in no time. The best part is, we’ll take care of the entire process from payment distributions to promotions – all you have to do is ship products!

Creative Content Development

Tired of being on the content roller coaster? Missing article, blog, or social media content deadlines is costing your business valuable assets, missed opportunities, and even sales. We can ghost write all of your social media content, blog posts, articles, and more – all in your brand voice! We can even supply you with professional brand videos and photography.

Product Editing

Are you going to tradeshow after tradeshow for your publication? Would an additional product or market editor help your editors stay focused? We travel to tradeshows and weed through the latest content or serve as your marketing editor for new products driven data you need to refine the process and garner a larger ROI.


Maybe you have the right team in place but just need someone to fine-tune your marketing plan or perfect your social media content or digital advertisements? We can quickly assess where your brand has veered off course and tell you what it will cost to refill your tank with the best fuel on the market.

Headhunting PR + Social Workforce

We’ve been in this business a long time and have a wide network of connections in the industry. From the highest level CEO to interns, we understand the personalities and expertise required to make brands successful. Let us put our network to work for you.

Website Consulting, Design + Development

Your website is a pure reflection of the heart and soul of your brand and you only get one chance to make a first and lasting impression. It’s critical that prospects develop a positive opinion of your brand. Let us put our 20+ years of user experience to work to create an engaging, informative, cutting-edge digital media presence and lead generator for your company.

Digital Media Marketing

A strong online presence is one of the most critical factors for developing a successful brand. Tasker Agency is tightly integrated with our sister social media marketing firm, PuTTin’ OuT. PuTTin’ OuT has an unrivaled record of success in getting brands the positive attention they need to thrive.

Charitible Fundraising

Need help raising funds? Sponsorships? Creating a challenge or contest to help your organization grow. Think #IceBucketChallenge for ALS. We can make it happen for your non-profit or charity too! Our fundraising strategies could be your ticket to success and mission recognition for your charity.

Lead Generation + Relationship Capture Complete Brand Development

At the end of the day, for your business to thrive you have to bring in a constant stream of leads for your sales team to engage with. We can help you generate, track, and manage these connections.

Conference Hosting + Marketing

Need help producing your conference? Finding speakers? Increasing attendance? Partnering with the right organizations or brands for sponsorship? We can fulfill services to make it happen or provide turnkey productions.

Graphic Design

An image is worth a thousand words…and then sum. {Yep, we meant $um.} Our graphics team will make sure that everything from your social media graphics and cover photos to printed materials, videos, and visuals all match your Brand Bible and keep your audience visually engaged and coming back for more.

Artist + Interior Design Management

Are you an artist or interior designer wondering how to grow your business? We partner with talented artists, architects, and interior designers to manage their careers so they can focus on creating masterpieces for their clients. And yes, we have real success for real people as our founder was once an award-winning designer and retailer.

Showhouse Production

With our love for transformation and an understanding of the world of builders, interior designers, publishers, editors, and manufacturers, we utilize brand alignment and experiential event production to get your experiential showcase the attention it deserves. With our deep reservoir of big brand and media relationships, we can secure product donations and sponsorships and fulfill necessary deliverables. We serve as executive producers for some of the leading publishing groups in the world including Hearst Publications, Meredith Publications, and Condé Nast Publications.

Printed Media + Advertisements

Our team has over 75 years combined experience in the publishing and printing fields. Some on our staff have been in this business since the heyday of print marketing so they know all the ins and outs. That means you get the best quality and most creative techniques in the world of print. We understand bleeds, compression, ink, and the entire lexicon of printing. Plus we work with only the best printers worldwide to maintain budgets and deliver unique applications by deadlines.

Logo + Package Design

We are visual creatures. Just as important as anything you say to a potential customer or partner is that memorable image that perfectly represents your brand voice. We have been creating logos since 1999 and are well-versed in both the history of the craft and the latest trends in design. Thanks to our partners at Fashion Snoops, we even know what will be trending two years from now!

Training Seminars + Consultations

Our extensive experience in luxury brand marketing and social media marketing is at your disposal. We can train your team on the principles and strategies or consult on specific issues such as public relations or brand reputation management. We can also help deliver results by sharing our knowledge at leading conferences, performing keynote speeches, and training franchises or organizations on our expertise.

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Flip through our lookbook to view examples of printed materials, public relations campaigns, and cool social and digital media work that we we’ve collaborated on with our sister company PuTTin’ OuT to produce great results for our clients.


Our Work

In our many years in the business, we have had the opportunity to work with an array of amazing clients. Browse our portfolio to understand the depth and breadth of what the Tasker Agency provides to clients and their luxury brands.


Brands We Support

We try not to drop names, and often we are under non-disclosure agreements and can’t, which is difficult because we work with some of the most influential tastemakers in the luxury products and design business. Our success in getting their brands into the spotlight has made them not just clients, but lifelong friends and supporters.

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We’ve assembled the most knowledgeable, most connected, and most talented team in the business. But just as importantly, we’ve ensured that it is made up of great people who you’ll love working with to deliver results!

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